You can always collect your orders if you make an appointment. You can collect your orders at the Nieuw Zeelandweg 9a, 1045 AL Amsterdam.


With the use of our own delivery service we daily deliver our fresh products across the Netherlands. Bab Elsalam meat wholesale obviously employs expert people so we can assure this quality.

All the transport of our meat to the customer is arranged by ourselves with our modern refrigerated trucks. This means that we can guarantee the quality of our products even better. This way we ensure that the products are delivered to the customer quickly and hygienically. Thanks to planning our own logistics we can take all delivery requirements of our customers into account, without having to depend on other parties.

The minimum order quantity for orders inside Amsterdam is one lamb/sheep. The minimum order quantity for orders outside Amsterdam (across the Netherlands) is seven lambs/sheep.

Because Bab Elsalam meat wholesale is specialised in ritual slaughtering of meat, Islamic butchers and shops are the main customers of Bab Elsalam meat wholesale.