Since 2015 Bab Elsalam is the halal meat supplier for various butchers, shops and other companies.  We are known as a fresh and hygienic meat supplier with a customer-oriented service.

Because Bab Elsalam meat wholesale is specialised in the ritual slaughtering of meat, Islamic butchers and shops are the main customers of Bab Elsalam meat wholesale.

We have chosen English lambs and sheep because of the fact that the climate, meadow and animal feed of the English lambs and sheep are of a high quality.

We slaughter all our animals in our own slaughterhouses. So, we can guarantee the customer a fresh offer of hygienic meat.

Our customers

Our customers mainly come from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. We offer the best meat for our customers. Within only a few years we have gained the trust of our customers and we have grown to become a well-known name within the meat wholesale industry. Of course, we always strive for the best price-quality ration.

What is halal?

Different regulations apply within Islam for the slaughtering of animals for consumption. Only when all these conditions are met the meat is pure (halal) for consumption. The main conditions are:

  • the slaughterer must be a Muslim who is capable of slaughtering animals;
  • the slaughter place must be clean and free of bacteria as much as possible;
  • the slaughterer must ensure the comfort of the animal; for example, the slaughter knife may not be visible for the animal or sharpened near the animal; the slaughtering may not be visible for the other animals;
  • the animal is placed with the front side towards the gibla (Mecca);
  • before the animal is slaughtered, the slaughterer pronounces the words Bismillah, Allahoe Akbar (in the name of God, God is the greatest), with which he expresses his gratitude and respect for God who, according to the Islam, provides the food supply of mankind;
  • in one move the carotid artery and the trachea is cut with a sharp knife. The animal may not suffer longer than is necessary.

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